TellPizzaHut Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the most loved and the most appreciated efforts by the Pizza Hut to analyze its own services and make the changes that are necessary for its betterment and development.


Each and every customer of the Pizza Hut is encouraged and whole-heartedly invited to participate in this survey and make sure that they give the Pizza Hut an opportunity to serve the best food in the world.

TellPizzaHut Survey hardly takes and time to be completed and in turn gives one lucky winner an opportunity to claim and win the heavy cash prize of $1000.

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Also, the participants of this survey get an opportunity to enjoy Pizza on the Pizza Hut premises by getting great discounts.

TellPizzaHut Survey Participation Steps

This customer satisfaction survey hardly takes any time and effort to be completed. If you wish to participate in this survey, you just need to follow some simple steps that are explained below:

  1. Firstly, enjoy your meals at Pizza Hut. You will be getting a purchase receipt with a survey code printed on it.
  2. Now, after you get the purchase receipt, visit the official website of the Pizza Hut at
  3. When you visit this page, you will be prompted to decide the language in which you wish to conduct this survey. You must know that you can conduct the TellPizzaHut Survey in English or Spanish language.
  4. After you select the language, you will be asked to submit some details regarding your last visit. These details include the date and time of your visit, the store number of the Pizza Hut that you visited, etc.
  5. After you submit the correct details, you will be redirected to the next page. This page consists of the questionnaire. This questionnaire covers certain questions regarding your satisfaction level with the Pizza Hut.
  6. You need to answer each and every question of this questionnaire correctly.
  7. After you answer all the questions, click the button that reads “Submit”.
  8. Now, you will be asked to enter some contact details. These details are used by the Pizza Hut management team to contact you if you win the $1000 cash prize.
  9. After you submit the contact details, you will be provided with a validation code. You need to redeem this code on your next visit to the Pizza Hut. You will be getting some great discounts after you validate this code.

Thus, if you love Pizza Hut, you should not waste a minute before visiting and placing your valuable feedback and opinions in the TellPizzaHut Survey.

5 thoughts on “Survey”

  1. I order a large pizza, and garlic knots. I went through drive thru, when I opened pizza I noticed something missing. There was no pepperoni on the pizza. The service was good. I did not call and complain. I will just have to check it before I leave the drive thru window next time.

  2. Worst food ever!! My Sandwich was burnt to crisp- cold the meat cheese cooked to oblivion non existent . I called to try resolve no answer! Wow 55.00 9.00 tip for cold nasty food… I wish I could post picture

  3. We call in a pizza on 4/12/21 to dine in and when we got there it was in a box, we pay for the pizza and order 2 drinks, but we got no silverware, napkins or plate, my husband got the silverware and napkins at the bar and I went up to get the plate and cheese and ask for our drinks the lady gave me the plates and cheese and a guy can out later with 2 kids take out drinks and nobody ever can back to ask if we needed anything and my husband went back and got refill for us and I went to the lady rooms that was dirty…
    the pizza was good but will not be going back to the Pizza Hut in Bohman, TX

  4. My pizza was incorrect. They have me a meat lovers instead of cheese lovers. They are so very nice in my location that I didn’t complain.

  5. My husband picked up a pizza at 2053 E Fairview Ave in Meridian, Idaho.
    I was sooooo disappointed when he arrived home. We ordered a Supreme, large pizza.
    It was very, very sparse on ingredients. We paid over $16.00 for this pizza! We ordered a Supreme because
    they are usually loaded with goodies.
    the code on my receipt is 878qa96kFxv…dated 4/19/21…unit #002148
    I have loved PizzaHut since I was a kid..


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